Would You Swim in Coffee Colored Thermal Springs? (MJ Sailing – EP 91)

In the heart of Furnas São Miguel is the Parque Terra Nostra with iron rich thermal springs, which give it a nice coffee color. Would you take a dip in this milk chocolate goodness?

Back at the boat Matt is hard at work installing our new Autonnic wind sensor, since we have been without wind information on Elements. Matt goes over our new wireless anemometer and how it will be able to communicate with the other electronics on our boat.

Then, it’s time for more touring as we have a rental car at our fingertips! Our first stop was a set of botanical gardens that have been using their springs for wellness since the late 18th century. I even get in the coffee like waters to ease my muscles and find that it is an incredibly relaxing spot to be. Then we head off to lunch where Matt enjoys a meal of meats and potatoes cooked by the heat of the earth.

Day two has us giving Georgie a tour of the island, and finding all the green and grassy patches that appeal to her. We get lost in mountain mists and even take a look at the lighthouse on the far east side of the island. From what we’re learning, Sao Miguel could need months to be able to properly explore it.

Much love from the Azores!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

Autonnic wind sensor: https://www.autonnic.com/

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