CATAMARAN BUILD – Just Call Us ‘Unidirectional Rope Rockstars’ (MJ Sailing – Ep 185 Part 2)

We hope you’re ready for the second installment of this episode (remember, there’s no additional charge on this!!) as we get busy once again with unidirectional fiberglass.

After the mess we got ourselves into last time – now we’re armed with a bit more knowledge. As well as plastic cable covers, which are going to make our lives much easier.

Since the unidirectional alone isn’t going to be enough to fill these areas though, once it is cured we also hit it with a mix of resin, cotton flock; silica; and 1/4″ chop strand fiberglass.

All that’s left to do now is bond the deck to the hulls so we can get these bad boys in place! We hope you enjoy!

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie