DUFLEX FOAM KIT $51,490.00   All hull, deck, cabin and bulkhead panels. Also includes panels for furniture, dagerboards/rudders
FIBERGLASS CLOTH AND TAPE $2,801.00   Biaxial, triaxial, and unidirectional fiberglass cloth and tapes. Comes in Duflex kit
EPOXY RESIN FILLER/FAIRING $5,177.00   West System Epoxy with fillers (glue and fairing) Comes in Duflex kit
TAX $892.00   1.5% US customs import fee
BUILD PLANS $6,537.00   Bob Oram design fee
SHIPPING TO USA $5,000.00   Estimate shipping cost
Total $71,897.00    
HOOP TENT TEMPORARY BUILDING $3,500.00   Temporary PVC 30′ x 60′ building with door on one end. (recommended by another builder)
BUILD SITE     Large variable- We’ve been offered a few sites to build (free), but may rent an industrial site if needed (gravel or paved parking lot)
SITE PREP $5,000.00   Light grading, electrical, water, fans, lights, tarps, misc
UTILITIES $3,600.00   Average utility costs.
BUILDERS INSURANCE $3,000.00   Couldn’t get a quote without a firm build location. This is a guess at $1500 a year.
TOOLS $2,800.00   Router, jig saw, circular saw, drill, sanders, dust extraction, compressor, spray gun
LUMBER/METAL $1,100.00   Strongback/ frame to support the boat during initial build. Aluminum forebeam beam. Coosa board
MISC $5,000.00   Peelply. Sand paper… and more sandpaper. Plus a lot of small items from Homedepot or Amazon
Total $24,000.00    
FIRST BUILD YEAR $95,897.00   Anticipated cost for first year of construction.
TOPSIDE PAINT $2,233.00   10 gal Awlgrip with Awlcat #2 converter(there are cheaper paint options we’ll look into)
HIGH BUILD $2,380.00   20 gal with converter and reducer (interior and exterior)
INTERIOR ENAMEL $320.00   5 gal Rustoleum semi-gloss marine enamel. (we used this in Elements)
BOTTOM PAINT $595.00   Seajet 033 (we love our current 038 bottom paint)
CONSUMABLES $2,000.00   Sand paper again, brushes, rollers, thinner, cleaner, mixing cups etc.
Total $7,528.00    
MAST $12,789.00   Aluminum with Antal track pre-wired (quoted number)
BOOM $2,144.00   Aluminum 4 sheeve (quoted number)
STANDING RIGGING $2,904.00   Stainless with swagged fittings, turnbuckles, toggle, etc. (quoted number) We’ll probably go synthetic.
RUNNING RIGGING $2,033.00   All Spectra Cored (quoted number)
WINCHES $6,220.00   Andersen 50st x2 40st x 4
TRAVELLER $1,675.00   Harken 32mm high load 3:1 double car, blocks, ends and track
JIB TRACK $520.00   Harken 27mm with pins top car for headsail
DECK ORGANIZER $220.00   Harken Cruise ESP for running halyards aft
BLOCKS $2,321.00   Harken assorted blocks- over-the-top, footblock, furler fairlead, mast base, genoa
CLUTCHES $926.00   Antal V-Cam 814
GENOA FURLER $2,188.00   Profurl (quoted number)
CODE 0 FULER $1,420.00   Facnor (quoted number)
SAILS $9,120.00   Dacron main and genoa with nylon code 0 (quoted number) $18800 with all three in laminate
Total $44,480.00    
YAMAHA 25HP $9,105.00   2 x Extra long shaft 4 stroke
DUAL CONTROL $529.00   Yamaha dual control and cables
FUEL SYSTEM $700.00   2 x 25 gal tanks, filter, gauge
Total $10,334.00    
WHEELS $275.00   Stainless Destroyer wheel 24” X 2
RUDDER SHAFTS/ RODS $1,000.00   Welded rudder shafts and steering linkage rods
QUADRANT $300.00   Self made steering quadrant and lines in dyneema
Total $1,575.00    
HOUSE BATTERY $1,829.00   300Ah Winston LiFePO4 with BMS123s
BACK-UP START BATTERIES $200.00   Lead acid back-up starter batteries
BATTERY CHARGER/INVERTER $1,020.00   Victon Multiplus
SOLAR CONTROLER $606.00   2x Victron MPPT
SOLAR PANELS $1,000.00   1000W hard panels
BATTERY MONITOR $175.00   Victron BMV700
WIRE $1,924.00   Price listed is for Ancor tinned 14/2 1500′, 1/0 160′, 8/2 100′, 14/3 250′ (very rough estimate on gauge and length required)
CIRCUIT PANEL $680.00   BlueSea 13 position DC and 8 position AC
BUSS BAR, STRIPS, ETC $3,000.00   Catch all for heat shrink, switches, terminal ends, and all other need supplies (we already have most of this)
Total $10,434.00    
WINDLASS $2,100.00   Lofrans Tigres
CHAIN/ROPE $650.00   150′ with 200′ rope rode
ANCOR $820.00   Mantus 65lb
STERN ANCHOR RODE $500.00   Fortress and 200′ rode
DOCKING GEAR $500.00    
Total $4,070.00    
NAV LIGTHS $425.00   Aqua Signal
INTERIOR LIGHTS $300.00   Aluminum 12v cabinet lights stainless push switches (works well on Elements)
Total $725.00    
INDUCTION STOVE $200.00   2 Burner (add on pot holders)
CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN $300.00   Inverter convection oven
REFRIGERATION $2,120.00   Vitrifrigo 3.2cuft fridge and separate freezer (May go with a typical household system)
COUTERTOP $500.00   ? No idea what type of surface we’ll use
SINK/FAUCET $200.00    
WATER TANK $391.00   Todd 45gal x 2
PUMPS $200.00   Whale pump
PLUMBING $500.00   PEX (simple system)
Total $4,411.00    
HATCHES $3,200.00   VETUS MAGNUS x 10
ACRYLIC WINDOWS $600.00   Cast acrylic
CLEATS $340.00   Stainless qty 8 10”
LIFELINE $150.00   5/16” Amsteel Blue
STANCHIONS $400.00   G10 1-1/4” rods
TRAMPOLINE/NETS $1,200.00   Dyneema netting
HINGES $140.00   Deck hatch hinges
LOCKS/LATCHES $250.00    
COCKPIT CUSHIONS $800.00   Dryfast foam, velcro, sunbrella (Foam Factory and wholesale Sunbrella supplier)
SAIL COVER $250.00   Sunbrella
Total $7,330.00    
FLOORING $1,000.00   Roll of Lonseal teak/holly… just an example as we will probably go with something else
CUSHIONS $890.00   Foam from Foamfactory for all berths and settees (We’ve used them before)
FABRIC/ZIPPER/THREAD $960.00   Fabric wholesaler we’ve used in the past
WOOD TRIM $500.00   Estimate- I don’t know if or how we’ll trim the interior.
Total $3,750.00    
TOILETS $1,000.00   Raritan x 2
HOLDING TANK $315.00   Todd 25gal
HOSE/SEACOCKS $400.00    
SHOWER SUMP PUMP $250.00   Whale Gulper pump x 2
Total $2,340.00    
AUTOPILOT $3,200.00   Raymarine products
CHARTPLOTTER $1,200.00   Will add later after launch
INSTRUMENTS $2,000.00   Depth, Wind speed/direction and speed through water.
RADAR $1,600.00   Will add later after launch
VHF $300.00    
AIS $850.00   Vesper XB-8000
ANTENNA $200.00   Just antenna on top and cable from mast to VHF. Mast quote included VHF cable.
WIRING $300.00   Most N2k wiring comes in above kits
Total $9,650.00