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Thank you so much for stopping by!! It’s because of you that we’re able to continue putting miles under our keel as we explore this big blue marble. 20,500 since 2012….and counting!

We started this website just as a way to keep family and friends in the loop as we traveled. To put their minds at ease that we were ok, and to show a little of what boat life is like.  We kept the blog for the first four years of our travels, and then as different forms of media continued to evolve, we switched over to making videos for YouTube in 2016; while in the mist of a two year refit on our aluminum cutter.

We are so humbled by all our viewers that tune in to watch every week as we sail across the globe and continue to make upgrades to our floating home along the way.  We honestly feel like we’re in this with you and on particularly hard days (because it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows), knowing that you’re there with us virtually is what keeps us pushing through.

Keeping you posted on all our experiences gives us such a high (and a purpose) as we travel, although producing weekly videos takes a fair amount of time…and trying to get the best shots requires a considerable amount of camera gear.  Getting a new video out every week is a full time job, and even though we consider it the best job in the world, it’s one we could not continue to pursue without the help of viewers like you.

Hopefully our content is something that you find joy and value in; as a glimpse into the looking glass as a future cruiser yourself; as a vicarious traveler who might be landlocked; or as a DIY worker who maybe picked up a few tips from our refit.

All donations go toward sustaining this life at sea and sharing it with you every step of the way. Below are the ways you can keep the journey going.

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If you’ve enjoyed our videos and want to say thank you with a one time donation, it just takes a few clicks with PayPal.  We’ll be eternally grateful to your support and give you a little toast each time we check into a new country and know that we made it there with your help.

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Through Patreon you can set yourself up to give a few dollars every time we release a new video. We usually get one up every Wednesday, but you can always cap your pledge at whatever you like. When you sign up to become a patron you get instant bonuses like access to our videos one week before the public; Patreon only bonus videos, photos, and polls; discounts on our merchandise; and opportunities for meet-ups if we’re in your area.

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Other ways to show love!

If you can’t spare a few dollars…that’s OK!  There are plenty of other ways to show your support.

Get involved on Social Media!  We try to get something new up every day, so follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for real time updates on our travels and where in the world we happen to be.  Get involved in the conversation by liking, commenting, and letting us know you’re along for the ride!

Leave a comment on our videos!  If there was one thing that made us love switching from a written blog over to YouTube more than anything, it was the engagement we received with all of you!  Back on the blog we seldom received comments and it made us feel like we were putting out our adventure for no one.  All that changed once we switched over to YouTube, and we LOVE hearing what you have to say!