We are detailing every penny of every purchase we make while cruising.  So, now you can also find out how much it cost to maintain a cruising lifestyle. Our cost is broken down into eight sections.

Beginning in May there will be a new category for Automotive, which will include cost of gasoline & insurance for our 2004 Kia Sedona.

*Boat Maintenance will disappear in June as we will only be showing our monthly cost of living on this sheet and keeping the cost to rebuild Daze Off on a separate spreadsheet which will be shown up completion.

Dockage/marina covers any time we stay at a marina, have to pay for a dock or tie up to a mooring ball, or pay to use a marina’s facilities.

Diesel/Gasoline: is any fuel we take on our boat, in the tank or in the jerrycans we strap on deck.  Plus, it will now include the gasoline we fill our mini van with while we we’re CLODs.

Boat Maintenance includes anything related to the boat.  Spare parts we order, cleaning products, hardware, electronics, basically anything that is related to the boat itself.

Boat insurance  is  what we pay each month for full coverage on the boat, should anything happen to us.

Groceries/general covers anything we’d purchase at a grocery store.  Food, toiletries, bed sheets, anything you could pick up at a Walmart or Target.

Eating out/Entertainment is for any food or drinks not purchased at the grocery store (we love our fast food) and whatever we spend money on to entertain ourselves.  Could be movie tickets, museum tours, or whatever floats our boat. (Ok, maybe that would fall into boat maintenance)

Cell phone/Wifi  is for any prepaid phone card we purchase, or data plans including internet and wifi which some times power public phones thanks to the BT cloud voice benefits.

Other is anything else we can’t fit into the categories above.  From laundry or clothing purchases to subway passes, or lately, the cost to check in and out of countries or keep that cat of ours up to date on all her vet appointments and shots.

January 2015

Atlantic Crossing, Sint Maarten, British Virgin Islands

Marina/Dockage: $42.00

Diesel: $20.60

Boat Maintenance: $166.14

Boat Insurance: $150.00

Groceries/General: $258.51

Eating Out/Entertainment: $58.40

Cell Phone/Wifi: $0

Other: $64.75

Total: $760.40

Jan '15 cost

February 2015

US Virgin Islands, passage to Florida

Marina/Dockage: $0.00

Diesel: $0.00

Boat Maintenance: $5.25

Boat Insurance: $53.33

Groceries/General: $163.88

Eating Out/Entertainment: $36.90

Cell Phone/Wifi: $0

Other: $9.00

Total: $268.36

Feb '15 cost

March 2015

Passage to Florida, West Palm Beach, & Indiantown Florida

Marina/Dockage: $544.96

Diesel/Gasoline: $0.00

Boat Maintenance: $729.33 ($340.35 for haul & block; $154.32 for bottom paint)

Boat Insurance: $0.00

Groceries/General: $396.65

Eating Out/Entertainment: $113.90

Cell Phone/Wifi: $0

Other: $35.60

Total: $1,820.44

March '15 cost

April 2015

Sailing Instructor trip to West End Bahamas & Indiantown Marina, Indiantown Florida

Marina/Dockage: $630.88

Gasoline (for automobile): $55.31

Boat Maintenance: $217.63 ($153.70 to fix bent prop shaft)

Boat Insurance: $0.00

Groceries/General: $257.29

Eating Out/Entertainment: $69.82

Cell Phone/Wifi: $11.05

Other: $125.16 ($30.82 for rental car, $94.34 for Lancome skincare products for Jessica)

Total: $1,777.14

April '15 Cost

May 2015

Indiantown Marina, Indiantown Florida

Marina/Dockage: $909.18

Automotive: $1,713.63 ($1,050 for Kia Sedona, $500 to register, & $59.00 for insurance)

Boat Maintenance: $86.64

Boat Insurance: $0.00

Groceries/General: $346.44

Eating Out/Entertainment: $78.73

Cell Phone/Wifi: $20.00

Other: $190.61 ($122.00 for window A/C unit from Walmart)

Total: $3,345.23

May '15 cost

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