Getting compressed natural gas tanks filled is getting harder and harder as more yachts make the switch to propane.  Fortunately, Torresen Marina (our home marina) fills the tanks right on the premises.  I’m not confident that this will always be the case and wanted to find an option of how to overcome this problem.

I looked into just getting a new stove, but with the cost starting at $1000, I wasn’t in that big of a hurry to go down that road.  GSI, the original manufacture of the stove, was purchased by Seaward in the 90s and I wasn’t expecting too much help.  I decided to call them about a conversion anyway hoping they had a low cost solution.  While they were not able to help, they directed me to the expert on these stoves… Todd of  Todd was able to set me up with the needed orifices and expert advice on how to make the change to propane.  Unfortunately, he has not converted this model and wasn’t sure how it would work.

I still have to install the tanks and get a new regulator, but this is the easy part. I will also need to adjust the flame control (needle valve) for the oven control to find the sweet spot.

He is a quick and dirty photo documentation of how I made the switch.