I decided to install the Lewmar Windlass on the anchor locker lid itself.  The reason for installing it on the lid is that the chain and rope rode will fall into the deep part of the locker (forward).  The issue with the typical install aft the locker is that the initial fall into the locker would only be about 10″.  Per reading other peoples issues on the Sabre, this maybe good enough for all chain rode, but at $3.00 a foot I need to run only 100′ of chain.  The 5/8″ rode is too stiff to fall in place with anything less than 14″ fall… this made the lid the only choice.

I split the lid in two pieces for and aft. The port side will be bolted down and hold the windlass and foot switches.  The starboard side will still be able to open.  If the windlass sticks when pulling in the anchor, I will be able to still open the locker and knock over the pile of chain and road.  The locker lid on the port side was reinforced with about 1/3″ of fiberglass.  I also created a 1″ lip for the starboard side to rest on when closed (add strength to this area).   After looking at the loads that the windlass will take, I decided that 3/4″ plywood will make a perfect backing plate.  To properly transfer the pressure, the backing plate was sandwiched to the anchor lid with a paste of epoxy and colloidal silica.

1) Cut marine plywood 2 1/2″ larger than the anchor looker opening.
2) Applied a mold release to the underside of the anchor lid (don’t want this getting stuck down with epoxy
3) Mixed Colloidal Silica and epoxy until thickness of peanut butter and applied to the plywood
4) Clamped anchor lid onto plywood filling in the void between the two
5) Waited and hoped that the mold release would prevent the two from becoming one permanently

After I waited the weekend and pulled the two pieces apart, I was able to align and drill the final mounting for the windlass and surrounding bolts. Each hole was oversized and filled along with painting the  entire board with epoxy.   12 1/4×3″ bolts hold the lid and plywood in place… This will never move!

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