We are detailing every penny of every purchase we make while cruising.  So after you’ve checked out the other cost page and have seen how much it cost to purchase and outfit our boat for cruising, now you can also find out how much it cost to maintain a cruising lifestyle.

Our cost is broken down into eight sections.  Dockage/marina covers any time we stay at a marina, have to pay for a dock or tie up to a mooring ball, or pay to use a marina’s facilities.  Diesel is any fuel we take on our boat, in the tank or in the jerrycans we strap on deck.  Boat Maintenance includes anything related to the boat.  Spare parts we order, cleaning products, hardware, electronics, basically anything that is related to the boat itself.  Boat insurance & Payment is our monthly boat payment and also what we pay each month for full coverage on the boat, should anything happen to us.  Groceries/general covers anything we’d purchase at a grocery store.  Food, toiletries, bed sheets, anything you could pick up at a Walmart or Target.  Eating out/Entertainment is for any food or drinks not purchased at the grocery store (we love our fast food) and whatever we spend money on to entertain ourselves.  Could be movie tickets, museum tours, or whatever floats our boat. (Ok, maybe that would fall into boat maintenance)  Cell phone is for our monthly pre-paid plan on our cell phone which includes 100 minutes and unlimited text and data.  Other is anything else we can’t fit into the categories above.  From laundry or clothing purchases to subway passes or the five bucks you hand to the homeless guy on the street, should you ever feel that generous.

August 2012

These are as of our departure date of 8/12/12, but also include our original provisioning done a week before we left.

Marina/Dockage:  $112.00

Diesel:  $132.55

Boat Maintenance:  $1,152.70  ($729.84 is for new standing rigging and $317.54 is for having the mast stepped)

Boat Insurance:  $122.90

Groceries/General:  $873.96  ($674.76 is for the original provisioning at Sam’s Club & Meijer)

Eating Out/Entertainment:  $81.48

Cell Phone:  $28.26

Total:  $2,501.46

September 2012

Marina/Dockage:  $334.68

Diesel:  $149.85

Boat Maintenance:  $714.84  ($408.57 just to have the mast put back up (and the other issues relating to it))

Boat Insurance:  $122.90

Groceries/General:  $240.66  

Eating Out/Entertainment:  $332.01

Cell Phone:  $126.54  (the last payment for our land based phone/internet)

Other:  $37.00

Total:  $2,158.48


New York City Special – A list of what was specifically spent in NYC (numbers are also included in figures above)

Marina: $150.00  (5 nights)

Groceries/General:  $85.14

Eating Out/Entertainment:  $239.04

Other:  $20.00

Total:  $494.18

October 2012

Marina/Dockage:  $118.72

Diesel:  $217.09

Boat Maintenance:  $665.22  ($215.79 was spent at the boat show on parts we’d been holding off on.)

Boat Insurance:  $122.90

Groceries/General:  $278.98  

Eating Out/Entertainment:  $220.57

Cell Phone:  $31.80

Other: $74.80

Total:  $2,140.08

November 2012

Marina/Dockage:  $42.40

Diesel:  $142.50

Boat Maintenance:  $643.90

Boat Insurance:  $122.90

Groceries/General:  $509.85 ($225.50 was spent provisioning at Sam’s Club) 

Eating Out/Entertainment:  $179.86

Cell Phone:  $42.40

Other: $100.35  

Total:  $1,374.16

December 2012

Marina/Dockage:  $42.40

Diesel:  $0.00

Boat Maintenance:  $540.14  ($220.00 for the survey)

Boat Insurance:  $122.90

Groceries/General:  $395.32 

Eating Out/Entertainment:  $243.48

Cell Phone:  $28.73

Other: $74.15  

Total:  $1,447.12

Overall 2012     

(August 12 – December 31)

Marina/Dockage:  $650.20

Diesel:  $641.49

Boat Maintenance:  $3,716.80

Boat Insurance:  $614.50

Groceries/General:  $2,298.77

Eating Out/Entertainment:  $1057.40

Cell Phone:  $257.73

Other: $286.30  

Total:  $9,523.19

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