Cati & Johannes

Naked Photos? I Don’t Want That

We’re back on the water!  If only it were on Daze Off, but sadly, she still isn’t even water tight.  Although we did have the chance to visit our friends Cati and Johannes on their new catamaran in Ft. Lauderdale for a night.  If you remember back to this spring, we spent a week hanging out with them in the marina before they sailed their boat Maverick back to Germany.  Once getting it there and taking care of some business, they flew back to Florida in October to begin a new start as a charter boat operator.

Preparing for their jump across to the Bahamas, they had just enough free time to squeeze us in for a night for a much needed break from boat work for all of us. Not only did it give Matt and I the opportunity to get Daze Off out of sight and mind for a few days, but it also gave Cati and Johannes an evening off from fixing boat parts to have guests over and perfect their hosting skills. (I think it was Matt and I that won out in this category)

Join us as we spend an evening in the water and under the stars, with entertaining moments including making our friends think we were giving them naked photos as a wedding gift, and have a long delicious German breakfast in the morning.


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Gator Bait & My 1 Day of Employment

It’s been another 10 days and we have a new story for you!  In our most recent episode I find a few alligators in different areas of the marina, and discuss my new love for jumping spiders.  Have you seen how adorable those things are?  We also get to take a look at our new cherry staircase, which is not only a big improvement from our original set, but a vast improvement over our temporary set.  Spoiler alert, these stairs were built special with Georgie in mind.

I also find employment for the length of 5-6 hours before being let go.  It’s ok, it took me being gone from our boat for a day for Matt to realize how much he needs and likes having me there all the time.  I do tend to have just a little more free time on my hands these days though as I finally finished the project of making cushions in the forward salon!  Wow, what a difference it makes to that area.  Now we finally have one section that really feels like home.


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Seam Ripper Come Rescue Me

Who knew vlogging could take so much time?  Oh wait, maybe it’s the sewing project I’ve been working on the past few weeks!  Either way, the blog has still been ignored, and I still apologize for that.  And probably will when the next video goes up as well.

While you’re waiting for the thrilling story of our trim (which is about the only lapse between the blog and videos), catch up on all the new things happening, including us finally getting cushions in the forward salon!  Only about a year after we thought we’d originally get them when we first started work on days off.  Although the old cockpit cushions we’d been using in place gave us some kind of padding and fluff under our bums, it was high time to put the real thing in there since all the heavy duty work up there had been completed and there wasn’t the same worry that we’d destroy the fabric right away.

I don’t get anywhere near finishing, and also take a break in the middle to help Matt apply the Kiwi Grip non-skid to our deck, but progress is being made!