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How We Left To Go Cruising At 30 & What We Left Behind

One of the biggest questions we’ve been asked through the past few years, always without fail, is “How are you two affording to do this at such a young age?”. Considering that yes, we did quit our jobs back in 2012, threw off our bow lines and haven’t really looked back since….I can see how this question may pop up a lot.  Especially since we’ve now been sitting in a marina for the past two years remodeling a boat.  Not the cheapest of projects, one can imagine.

I’ll answer you straight away that we are not trust fund babies.  We never received sums of money from our families; and as much as I would still like for this to happen, we have not won the lottery either. Granted, your chances of winning are better if you actually play, but I can still dream that someone will show up on my doorstep one day with big bags full of money.

Nope, we got here the old fashioned way.  Through lots of hard work, sacrifices, and good decisions.  The money we saved up before traveling won’t last us forever; in fact we’ll be looking to work again come this summer or fall to fill our cruising kitty. But, we do get asked enough how we were even able to start in the first place that we thought we’d lay it all out for you in this week’s episode.


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JORD Frankie 35 wood watch

Engraving Through JORD + A Giveaway

JORD Frankie 35 wood watch

For many people, this time of year means giving gifts to those we care about, and with that can come the emphasis of finding just the right gift that speaks volumes by being extremely tailored to the receiver.  It’s not like anyone is going to go gaga over a bag of socks (unless that person is me and those socks are the warm and fuzzy kind), and even the popular gifts of lotions or body sprays can only take you so far. So this year, take the guess work out of your gift giving by giving the gift of style and personality all wrapped in one timeless package.  Pun not intended, but who couldn’t use a gorgeous watch?

We’ve been partnered with JORD wooden watches for over a year now, and every time we’ve received a watch from them we ohhh and ahhh at their clean yet trendy style.  We can’t wear them out without getting some kind of compliment, and on more than one occasion I’ve had someone interrupt me mid-sentence so they can comment on my unique timepiece. So not only are these watches already knockouts, but now JORD has made them even better by offering the service of personalized wood and watch engraving.

For the following watch series: Fieldcrest, Reece, Frankie35, Frankie, and Conway; a 15 character message can be engraved. The cost of the wood engraving is $35 and you have the choice of block or script engraving. If you don’t want to have the back of the watch engraved, JORD will also custom engrave their wooden gift box for the cost of $45.  Although engraving does add the perfect personalized touch for your gift recipient, just remember that engraving will add 7 days to your delivery date, so plan accordingly!

For the holidays I received the Frankie 35 series, in dark sandalwood with a slate face and rose gold for the display.  It is absolutely stunning.  One of my favorite pieces from them, and I can not wait to get as much use from it as I do my tried and true Cora series in turquoise and zebrawood.  The message I had engraved on the back of my watch was Love always wins. Through the animosity that has been clouding our country, Facebook pages and even general conversation for the past few months, even amongst some family and friends, I have to remind myself that Love.Always.Wins. There is always hope and there is always good, and this is what we need to focus on.  Any time I begin to stray from remembering this, my beautiful watch will always be there to guide me back.

Before you’re even left questioning what to get your parent, sibling, BFF, or of course your significant other for the holidays, look no further.  JORD has you covered.

Now….here’s where it gets even better for you.  Not only does JORD want to take care of you for the holidays, but we do too.  If you click on this link here ( and enter your email address, JORD will instantly email you a $25 e-card toward your next purchase.

This is the part where we’re going to take care of you too.  For one lucky person, you’ll be walking away with their Ely series in maple; and for five runners up you’ll receive a $50 gift card off your next purchase.  All you need to do is leave a comment of your favorite holiday gift you’ve received in the past.

Jord ely

In order to have the watch sent out before the holidays, the drawing will be held on Friday December 16 at 9:00 am.  Make sure to leave your email address while filling out the comments and we’ll get in contact with your right away to possibly have it shipped out that afternoon.

Happy Holidays everyone!

JORD Frankie 35 wood watch

JORD Frankie 35 wood watch

JORD wood watch engraving

JORD Frankie 35 dark sandalwood

JORD Frankie 35 dark sandalwood

JORD wooden watch

*Thank you to JORD for sponsoring this post.  Although I did receive their watch as compensation, as always, all opinions are my own.

Thanksgiving Festivities at Indiantown Marina

If any marina knows how to throw a party, it’s Indiantown Marina.  Especially for Thanksgiving.  And that’s because it’s not just one night of partying, but three nights full of fun, entertainment, food and drinks, all leading up to a spectacular feast on Thanksgiving Day.  Think plates piled high with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes. green beans, and any kind of pie you want waiting at the dessert table.

Last year we had no idea what to expect when this week of festivities came up, but this year we knew we couldn’t miss it.  Hey, if our refit has to stretch so far into 2016, we may as well reap all the benefits.  Watch along as we cover all the festivities including Country Night, wine tasting night, all provided to us by the marina.