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Everyone needs a hobby and you’d think that collecting stamps in my passport might be mine.  It’s not.  I do collect currency from each country we visit, but that’s not it either.  Nope, I like to collect beer from other countries.  Not to be displayed on a shelf anywhere, but enjoyed and then a memento photo that I’ve tried it.

Through our travels I’ve made it my goal to try as many different beers in each country we visit as possible.  Sometimes I succeed and have 5-6 different beers to show for each stop, although sadly there have been a few places we’ve either passed through too quickly (Ecuador) or the only local brew was on the other side of the island and out of my reach (Bermuda).  Any time I get a chance though I will saddle up to the bar and ask for a local beer.

Much to the agitation of Matt who always seems to prefer a sugary soda over an ice cold beer, I’ve been able to drag him to multiple bars and restaurants around the world, and I think I’ve managed to build up an impressive list so far.

Keep checking back to watch it grow, and who knows, if we ever meet on the water or a shore side pub, maybe we’ll enjoy a cold beer together.

(Some of my photos are on a hard drive that I do not have at the moment, so a few images may be stock photos until I can get to my own again)



  • Kalik
  • Sands
  • High Rock
  • Eclipse
  • Bushcrack

World Beer Tour - Bahamas - Kalik - smallWorld Beer Tour- Bahamas - Sands - small

High Rock - Bahamas - smallEclipse - Bahamas - small

World Beer Tour - Bushcrack - Bahamas - small



  • Lighthouse Lager
  • Belikin


World Beer - Belize - Belikin - smallBelize - lighthouse lager - small



  • Club Colombia
  • Bogota Beer Company
  • Aguila

World Beer Tour - Club Colombia - Colombia - smallWorld Beer Tour - Bogota Beer Company - Colombia - small

World Beer Tour - Aguila Light - Colombia


Cayman Islands

  • White Tip
  • Caybrew
  • 345

World Beer Tour - Grand Cayman - White Tip - smallWorld Beer Tour - Grand Cayman - Caybrew - small

World Beer Tour - 345 - Cayman Islands



  • Bucanero
  • Cristal
  • Tinima
  • Cacique

World Beer Tour - Cuba - BucaneroWorld Beer Tour - Cuba - Crystal - small

World Beer Tour - Cuba - Tinima - smallWorld Beer Tour - Cuba - Cacique - small



  • Imperial
  • Salva Vida

World Beer Tour - Honduras - Imperial - smallWorld Beer Tour - Honduras - Salva Vida - small



  • Red Stripe

World Beer Tour - Jamaica - Red Stripe - small



  • Dos Equis
  • Sol
  • Pacifico
  • Leon
  • Tecate
  • Barrilito

World Beer Tour - Dos XX - Mexico - smallWorld Beer Tour - Sol - Mexico - small

World Beer Tour - Pacifico - Mexico - smallWorld Beer Tour - Leon - Mexico - small

World Beer Tour - Tecate - Mexico - smallWorld Beer Tour - Barrilito - Mexico - small



  • Brahma
  • Arequipeña
  • Trujillo
  • Cristal

World Beer Tour - Brahma - PeruArequipena beer - Peru - small

Trujillo - Peru - smallCristal - Peru - small



  • Sagres
  • Super Bock
  • Cristal
  • Coral

World Beer Tour - Sagres - Portugal - smallWorld Beer Tour - Super Bock - Portugal - small

World Beer Tour - Cristal - Portugal - smallWorld Beer Tour - Coral - Portugal - small



  • Heavy Seas – Small Craft Warning; Gift of Bill & Lindsay Sjoblom
  • Lagunitas IPA ; Gift of Mark Starbuck
  • Alchemist – Heady Topper; Gift of Rich & Cindy Collins
  • Mendocino Brewing Company – Red Tail Amber Ale; Gift of Fred Johnson
  • Funky Buddha – Blueberry Cobbler; Gift of Kelly W.
  • Blackstone Brewing Co. – Strawberry Picnic; Gift of Kelly W.
  • Funky Buddha – Floridian; Gift of Kelly W.
  • Curious Traveler  Beer Co. – Lemon Shandy; Gift of Bo & Allison Cordle
  • Elevator Brewing Co. – Bleeding Buckeye; Gift of Bill & Lindsay Sjoblom
  • Dogfish Head – Noble Rot; Gift of Ed Zawadzki & Vicky Chertok
  • Great Lakes Brewing Co. – Edmund Fitzgerald Porter; Gift of Jack & Crystal Kimble
  • Saugatuck Brewing Co. – Bonfire Brow; Gift of Jack & Crystal Kimble
  • Small Town Brewery – Not Your Father’s Root Beer; Gift of Travis Johnson
  • Golf Beer  Brewing – Freddie’s Scandinavian Blonde Ale; Gift of  Matt Johnson
  • Coppertail Brewing Co. – Free Dive IPA; Gift of John Young
  • Dogfish Head – 60 Minute IPA; Gift of John Young
  • Bells – Smitten Golden Rye Ale; Gift of Dana Nye
  • Wasatch – Last One In Lager
  • Four Peaks – Kilt Lifter; Gift of Mike & Barb Gorman
  • San Tan – Grapefruit Shandy; Gift of Mike & Barb Gorman

Small craft warning - smallLagunitas IPA - small

Heady Topper - smallRed  Tail Amber Ale - small

Funky Buddha - BlueberryStrawberry Picnic - small

Funky Buddha - Floridian smallCurious Traveler Lemon Shandy

bleeding buckeye red aleDogfish head Noble Rot

Great Lakes Brewing Edmond Fitzgerald Porter Saugatuck Bonfire Brown

Not Your Fathers Root Beer Golf Beer Brewing

Coppertail Free DiveDogfish Head 60 minute IPA

Bells Smitten Golen AleLast One In  Lager

Four Peaks Kilt LifterSan Tan Shandy

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