Sailing Conductors - Hannes & Ben

Photo Caption Week: Life with the Sailing Conductors

Wednesday March 25, 2015

Hannes, Ben & Matt get Marianne's engine back in

What can I say?, there’s been nothing interesting to report on the progress of Serendipity because general cleaning work is pretty ho-hum.  Unless you’re interested in knowing things like Matt was all ready to polish the side when he realized we didn’t have pads for the polisher, so we had to wait three days to get a ride into Stuart to buy a few…only to realize they were the wrong size and had to wait another five days before we could get back into town to replace them.

The good news is our nights have been incredibly busy and incredibly fun as we get together with Ben and Hannes almost every single night.  From sushi making to smores, hot wings and pool at the local saloon to watching the sun set between our boats with a cold one in hand, these guys have been great company for us during our time here and I can only hope that we do the same for them.

Life may not be very productive when you have such new yet good friends just mere feet away from you…but it sure is a lot more fun!

Hannes records Ben making sushi

Hannes records Ben as he slices the fillings for sushi.  Think it will make it onto an episode of Soundwave2Berlin?

Matt and Alex at Indiantown

Matt hangs out with the local hooligans, Alex and Adam.

Hannes inspects wasabi sauce

Is it still considered wasabi sauce if it comes in a squeeze bottle that came from Walmart?

Sailing Conductors - Hannes & Ben

Are they saying they love Moosehead Lager or they love each other?  We’ll let these special friends* decide for themselves.

Ben making sushi

Ben adds some smoked salmon to drown out the flavor of imitation crab.

homemade sushi

Although it came out pretty pitiful looking, trust me, it tasted fantastic.  Look, it even had sliced ginger!

bringing up the engine

Marianne’s engine is finally rebuilt and being brought back on board.

cheers for Marianne's engine

Hannes & Ben cheer while Matt tries to forget  that one of them is in their underwear.

bonfire at Indiantown Marina

The guys prepare to enjoy their first smore ever.  The anticipation is killing them.

Sailing conductors first smores

They may have been all smiles for this photo, but they were choking those smores down.  Too.Much.Sugar.

hanging between Marianne and Serendipity

After going out for happy hour and hot wings we gather between our boats for a few more beers.

Matt & Hannes

O.M.G.  I don’t even know what to say…

Captain Ben Bart

Hannes captures a close up of Ben while playing with my camera lenses.

Hannes smutche

Hannes contemplates life…music….or perhaps what all of us are going to do tomorrow night.

Sailing Conductors - Marianne

Marianne….best boat yard buddy anyone could ask for.



*Inside joke.  They’re not actually a couple.

4.26.14 (9)

Photo Caption Day: Final 2 Days of the Georgetown Family Regatta

Saturday April 26, 2014


There’s actually been so much that has been going on for the past few days that I don’t know if I can write about it all.  Last night our group of six headed into town again and got a little silly on Ass Bush Crack as we talked with more of the racers and watched performers up on the temporary stage.  We lived it up and made quite a late night of it.

Today was made up of  multiple trips in to make sure to get a front row seat (which ended up constantly shifting) for watching the high school marching band, and then even better, the police marching band. While playing some Pharrell, these men were able to get down and low.  We finished out the evening at Regatta Point to catch the end of the final Class-A race before going back to the boat to eat a quick dinner and make it back to town in time for the Awards Ceremony.  These past few days here in Georgetown have been absolutely amazing, and I’m so glad we rushed our butts down to get here in time to see our friends and enjoy the regatta.



4.26.14 (1)

4.26.14 (2)

4.26.14 (3)

4.26.14 (4)

Drena and JR enjoying some Ass Bush Crack.

4.26.14 (5)

Handmade bikini fashion show.  Is it creepy I was the only one snapping photos?

4.26.14 (6)

‘All Gold Every-thing’.  I’m glad Drena explained that one to me.

4.26.14 (7)

 What are you giving a thumbs down to, Emil?  Is it my bad jokes?



4.26.14 (8)

4.26.14 (9)

Straddling the boom for a better view.  I got a few strange looks.

4.26.14 (10)

4.26.14 (11)

My highly photoshopped photo.  I love it.

4.26.14 (12)

4.26.14 (13)

Regular afternoon storm rolling in.

4.26.14 (14)

(Powered by Coca-Cola)

Think I can get a shirt for Matt that says this?

4.26.14 (15)

The high school marching band was great, although the dancers did have a few moves that were fit for a rap video.

4.26.14 (16)

(police marching band)

You might not know it from this photo, but these men had moves!

4.26.14 (17)

 Can you tell they’re just a little into these races?

4.26.14 (18)

4.26.14 (19)

 It was a tight squeeze at the finish line.  Races complete!

4.26.14 (20)

 Perfect shot of the six of us.  Thanks Drena!

(Photo courtesy of Sailing Journey)



Matt conducting electricity

Photo Caption Day: Museum of Discovery and Science

Tuesday March 18, 2014

Matt conducting electricity

Of course Chris and Jack’s first day in Florida would come complete with clouds and the threat of rain.  The sunshine state?  Not feeling so sunny today.  After some running around town yesterday and showing them how the bus system works when you actually choose to use it (long story where their car rental facility was quite far from the airport) we spent the evening researching indoor activities we could do today.

Through separate searches but at the top of the list for both groups, was the Museum of Discovery and Science.  Geared more toward kids than adults, we weren’t going to let our elderly and childless status stop us from having fun and exploring all the exhibits featuring sections on aviation, weather systems, and the human body.  Throw in an IMAX movie about the South Pacific and a simulator on an Everglades airboat, and we were having such a good time that they had to kick us out the door at closing time.

Matt with flight simulator

Matt:  “If you can sail a boat, you can fly a plane”.  Ok, maybe he didn’t say that.

Jessica with flight simulator

Con-cen-trate!  There are lives at stake here!

Jessica w/ foam airplane wings

Don’t ever trust me to fly a plane, I have my wings on backwards.

Crystal with foam airplane wings

“I can feel the wind in my hair!!”

Matt w/ foam airplane wings

I don’t know.  I think the blue skies and clouds really make it feel real.

Jack with flight simulator

If I understand these instructions correctly, first you put your right leg in, then you take your right leg out.

Matt at flight simulator 2

I can do this in my sleep.  It doesn’t even take two hands.

afraid of falling

Afraid of heights?  Let us show you what it feels like to fall backwards.

Jack surfing

True blue surfer?  Maybe not.  That’s ok, the rest of us weren’t either.

Matt & Jessica in ambulance

“Think anyone realizes we’re not registered to do this?”

Jack & elephant

“Just scratch him behind his heel, he’ll purr like a kitten.”

Jessica in shark's mouth

I know how I got in here, I’m just not sure how to get out..




Photo Caption Day: Miniature Golf with the Fam

Tuesday August 20, 2013


What can I say about the weather here in Grand Rapids since we’ve been back except that it’s been absolutely perfect?  Even though we had a discussion with Matt’s mom on the way back from the airport last week that due to the Lake Effect from sitting on the ‘wrong’ side of Lake Michigan, Grand Rapids has approximately 230 overcast days a year (the same as Seattle, just without the rain!), it has been nothing short of perfect so far since we’ve been back.  See, if it was like this every day, we never would have had to leave!

Not wanting to waste yet another beautiful day by sitting indoors, we decided to hit the miniature professional golf course with the family.  It was me, Matt, his mom, and his little brother Travis.

Driving just ten minutes from the house, we pulled up to a very nice course that sits just outside of the 5/3rd Ball Park.  A place that everyone on this side of town has been to at least once, and where a lot of high school kids (myself and countless friends included) would go to on dates back in our high school days.  Awww.  Just don’t tell Matt that I brought two different guys here before him. If you want to showcase your skills while playing on these courses, it would be wise to enhance your skills first with the use of sports equipment that come with different prices.

8.20.13 (1)

We’re at the first hole.  Ready, set, go!

8.20.13 (2)

Travis is up to bat golf, and he looks like he has a strong swing behind him.

8.20.13 (3)

Make room please, champions passing through.

8.20.13 (8)

8.20.13 (4)

Travis’ face after a hole in one.  I’m just as surprised as he is.

8.20.13 (7)

I was told I had to bounce it off the wall if I wanted to do the same.

8.20.13 (5)

And was quickly laughed at when it went in the water….

8.20.13 (6)

8.20.13 (9)

Finally at the bottom after playing a game of Plinko to get there.

8.20.13 (10)

I’m glad the sign is advertising that they’re ‘Now Open’, since we’re now nearing the end of the season.

8.20.13 (11)

8.20.13 (13)

We found berries growing on vines, so we ate them.  Brian and Stephanie would be so proud!

8.20.13 (12)

8.20.13 (14)

Warning to Travis, these are not stepping stones.  You will fall in.

8.20.13 (15)

 Who could resist ending the day with a few rounds of skee-ball?

Later in the evening I had yet more plans.  I know.  I haven’t even had time to zone out in front of the tv at all since we’ve been home, what gives?  It was just a girls night with Jackie though, and we spent plenty of time relaxing and and enjoying some time alone together.  She cooked me a delicious meal that she promises isn’t that difficult to make and I might actually be able to repeat it on the boat with just a few ingredients.  We then went out for ice cream and since her and Ron live out in the country, we stopped into a cute little shop on Main Street that had families out enjoying the lazy afternoon and kids in their t-ball jerseys, fresh from out on the field.  It was a perfect little slice of Americana with the hardware store on one side of the street, a city park just across from it, and barns watching over rows of cornfields off in the distance.  Enjoying a movie and some sparkling wine back at the house, I’d call it another perfect day in Michigan.

8.20.13 (18)

 Ron was supposed to take me for a ride on his bike, but ended up ditching me for work.  I was tempted to take it out on my own, but that plan failed when I couldn’t  even stand it up by myself..

8.20.13 (17)

8.20.13 (16)

hazy sunrise at Denny's Beach

Photo Caption Day: Return from Denny’s Beach

Saturday June 29, 2013

hazy sunrise at Denny's Beach

Hazy sunrise at Denny’s Beach


Last night we had a storm that rocked the boat and had everyone running around at 5:30 am with worries that the anchor was dragging.  Did I forget to mention that it already did it once after we got back to the boat last evening?  Luckily we were all here and with the work of all five of us boaters we were able to get it secure again after about three attempts, rain pouring down and blinding all of us that were up on deck, shouting directions to Luis.  We were lucky this morning when it did not drag, but after hearing foot steps clattering up around on the main floor and having some water somehow run across the ceiling of our cabin and drip right on my face, we decided we should join the rest of the crew to make sure everything was it should be.

The rest of the afternoon didn’t hold too much excitement, a stop in a little town called El Dorado before we made it back to Fronteras and the marina.  So instead of going into a spiel on what little happened, I’ll instead capture the day with captions.

chocolate cake for breakfast

Cake for breakfast!

banana boat lancha

 Lancha ride to town…with a banana boat on top?

dock to Hydromax

Dock leading to Hydromax at anchor

Nicole and Luis at breakfast

Nicole and Luis, waiting for breakfast

cat on a roof

Kitten on a roof

kitten in a chair

Kitten in a chair

lancha to Hydromax

Time to head home