Part II of Our Dodger Canvas Build (MJ Sailing – EP 73)

It’s time to get back to work on our dodger, now we’re laying the tracks on the cabin house and cockpit combing for the bolt rope to slide into.

First though, we take a little time to appreciate Antigua after our busy schedule and go for a hike on the Goat Trail next to English Harbour. Passing through the old fort, it is full of history, spectacular views, and you guessed it…goats.

When we do get back to work it’s time to lay the tracks on our cabin top and adhere it directly to the deck. Finding the the proper line for the track to follow is half the task though. Once we do get it figure out, as well as the curve we want the track to take on the cabin top, it’s time to secure it down with West System G-Flex. Bending the track to the proper curve, we weight it down overnight and in the morning are confident enough in the adhesion to continue the project.

Otherwise, we just spend our time hanging out and enjoying our last few days in Antigua. One night while having a friend over for a beer we go on a runaway dinghy chase and end up having sundowners on the beach. Our last night in Antigua is spent with s/v Calico Skies and s/v Jabberwocky, trying to find some good and cheap eats at a local joint, after a crazy cab ride with our driver Bling.

Much love from Antigua!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

It’s Always a Beat to Windward – Antigua Sail Week Part II (MJ Sailing – EP 72)

No matter which course you’re sailing on the south end of Antigua, there is always going to be a beat upwind.

(This is a new version we have uploaded since some were having problems with the format on the video that came out this morning).

We pick up on Day 4 of race week, Lay Day. No sail planned, but instead lots of games and competitions at the beach. We arrive later in the afternoon, but are still able to catch tug-of-war; beer drinking; and the bikini competition.

The following day, on race day 4, we are amped and ready to sail, but the winds have lightened more than we were hoping. Running out to the east end of Antigua we miss a few squalls and pass a catamaran in the group ahead of us that demasted. Luckily everyone aboard was unharmed, but our spirits for the day sunk a little as we crossed the line in 5th place.

Race day 5 started with a delay, but that just gave us a chance to hang out at the harbour entrance and watch the parade of race boats come out. Our finish for Antigua Sail Week was a long beat upwind, and we came over the line in 5th place once again, putting us in 4th place overall for race week in the Club Class.

The next day we get back to boat work with Jessica jumping in to do a bottom cleaning. It is her first time using a hookah system, and she enjoyed it so much that bottom cleaning may be her new job.

Much love from Antigua!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

This is What You Came For : Antigua Sail Week Part I (MJ Sailing – EP 71)

This week’s episode has it all: sailing, racing, parties, friends, and of course, beautiful surroundings!

Still nestled in Falmouth Harbour of Antigua, we pick up just after our snorkeling excursion when we stop by to say hello to our friends and crew for Antigua Sail Week, Liz and Jamel. We get talked into a crew dinner of fish tacos aboard their boat that night, but not before exploring Nelson’s Dockyard.

The festivities for Race Week kick off with the Neon Party at Nelson’s Dockyard, where everyone is invited to wear neon clothing under the black lights, and enjoy free drinks with English Harbour Rum.

When the races kick off two mornings later, Team Lister Marine is ready to go, with the addition of a local youth sailor, bringing our crew up to 5 people. We have a great race day, and learn where we need work. The next morning we go back to a crew of 4 and really get in our groove. On race day 3 we smash the competition in our Club Class and come in 2nd place….with only 10 seconds keeping us from first!

Of course we celebrate this success heavily, and luckily our friend Hugo (The Sailing Frenchman) is around to handle the camera for us as we go on stage and accept our prize. Stay tuned for next week’s episode and our finish to race week!

With love from Antigua!

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Thank you!,
Matt & Jessica