Part II of Our Dodger Canvas Build (MJ Sailing – EP 73)

It’s time to get back to work on our dodger, now we’re laying the tracks on the cabin house and cockpit combing for the bolt rope to slide into.

First though, we take a little time to appreciate Antigua after our busy schedule and go for a hike on the Goat Trail next to English Harbour. Passing through the old fort, it is full of history, spectacular views, and you guessed it…goats.

When we do get back to work it’s time to lay the tracks on our cabin top and adhere it directly to the deck. Finding the the proper line for the track to follow is half the task though. Once we do get it figure out, as well as the curve we want the track to take on the cabin top, it’s time to secure it down with West System G-Flex. Bending the track to the proper curve, we weight it down overnight and in the morning are confident enough in the adhesion to continue the project.

Otherwise, we just spend our time hanging out and enjoying our last few days in Antigua. One night while having a friend over for a beer we go on a runaway dinghy chase and end up having sundowners on the beach. Our last night in Antigua is spent with s/v Calico Skies and s/v Jabberwocky, trying to find some good and cheap eats at a local joint, after a crazy cab ride with our driver Bling.

Much love from Antigua!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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