STEALING Ideas From MILLION DOLLAR Yachts!!! – Annapolis Boat Show 2021 (MJ Sailing – Ep 208)

We’re stepping foot on multiple million dollar yachts – and taking all their great ideas!!

Annapolis Boat Show 2021 is in full swing, and just like any other visitor, Matt and I are there to talk to vendors and tour all the boats we wish we could claim as our own. But in honesty, we’re still very excited to be working on the build of our own catamaran – just incorporating some design aspects of the higher end builds out there.

At the Annapolis show, we try to tour as many catamarans as possible, gaining every idea of what we might like as a home builder. What we realized in the process, is that although the Outremer 45 is the closest to the Max Cruise in space and design layout (in the hulls), the Balance 485 and 526, as well as the Kinetic 54, are closest to the build materials we’re using, as well as their minimalistic design.

Take a tour with us as we walk through these different boats, and take away the things we would like to add to our catamaran build. There’s still two years left until we’re finished, but some of these aspects needs to be incorporated right away if we decide to use them!

We hope you enjoy!!

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

CATAMARAN BUILD – These Chainplates Will NEVER Break!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 207)

We work on putting the final floor into The Hull Fame, and reinforce the area around our chainplates – which will then allow us to adhere all the bulkheads to the hull sides.

This week’s episode has us putting the new floor in for what will be our sail locker between bulkheads 2&3. Also known as, The Hull of Fame. 😉 We get the ok from our designer and engineer that we can switch around the webbing and the floor, which will give us just a bit more room in there for storage.

Next, we finally tackle the task of reinforcing the area behind the chainplates, which requires three sheets of unidirectional fiberglass, and two layers of 45/45 double biased. But now that it’s done, we can work on glassing the bulkheads to the hull side.

To throw a little excitement into our lives as well, we spend one afternoon hopping on The Marylander, where our friend Jason is captain. He shuttles us up the Severn River, were we have our first experience of catching crabs on a line. Fun to catch, and even more fun to eat!

We hope you enjoy!!

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

CATAMARAN BUILD – We Define Our Engine Bed Space (MJ Sailing – Ep 206)

In order to give ourselves a larger engine bed and plenty of room to work, we’re eating into our storage space by moving the bulkhead forward.

We find ourselves doing more odd jobs lately, which only take a few minutes here and there, but always mean we’re moving forward to the next thing. One of the bigger projects we took on though was defining the space for our engine bed. With the specific bulkhead placements from Max Cruise, we had originally started planning out the space for our engine bed based on what was in the drawings. But because we’re still debating which direction we’re going with propulsion, and we want to allow ourselves as much room as possible in that space, we’ve decided to make it bigger!

Join us for this episode as we place in bulkhead 7 – and get a good feel for the space of where our engines will go. And with Matt inside the area, you can also get a feel for how large the sleeping space will be in the aft bunk.

Plus, a little fun in real time (October 6) we went sailing with our friends Rodger and Sally on their boat out in the Chesapeake, and even had the chance to see Coast Guard Cutter ‘Eagle’ come in and drop the hook in front of us.


CATAMARAN BUILD – Our Stern Bulkheads Need To Be PRECISE For Our Transom! (MJ Sailing – Ep 205)

Before our last two bulkheads go in, we need to make sure they sit in their EXACT place, as there is no margin of error.

Because the large transom piece we received with our second container sits as a cap over these two bulkheads, we need to make sure each edge is lining up. But because this piece is 24 ft wide and weighs over 500 pounds, it’s not easy to bring it in and out for a dry fit. So, we’re going to do our best with measurements between the two and hope for the best.

As we go to glass in bulkead 8 though, we find that our new vinyl ester resin is not behaving well in these summer temperatures, and is making it very hard for us to work. A slight set-back, but we know we’ll find a way around it to make everything work.

We hope you enjoy!

*Taking measurements off transom – filmed on August 09
*Bonding aft side of bulkhead 8 – filmed on August 09
*Bonding forward side of bulkhead 8 – filmed on September 10

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie