STEALING Ideas From MILLION DOLLAR Yachts!!! – Annapolis Boat Show 2021 (MJ Sailing – Ep 208)

We’re stepping foot on multiple million dollar yachts – and taking all their great ideas!!

Annapolis Boat Show 2021 is in full swing, and just like any other visitor, Matt and I are there to talk to vendors and tour all the boats we wish we could claim as our own. But in honesty, we’re still very excited to be working on the build of our own catamaran – just incorporating some design aspects of the higher end builds out there.

At the Annapolis show, we try to tour as many catamarans as possible, gaining every idea of what we might like as a home builder. What we realized in the process, is that although the Outremer 45 is the closest to the Max Cruise in space and design layout (in the hulls), the Balance 485 and 526, as well as the Kinetic 54, are closest to the build materials we’re using, as well as their minimalistic design.

Take a tour with us as we walk through these different boats, and take away the things we would like to add to our catamaran build. There’s still two years left until we’re finished, but some of these aspects needs to be incorporated right away if we decide to use them!

We hope you enjoy!!

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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