CATAMARAN BUILD – These Chainplates Will NEVER Break!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 207)

We work on putting the final floor into The Hull Fame, and reinforce the area around our chainplates – which will then allow us to adhere all the bulkheads to the hull sides.

This week’s episode has us putting the new floor in for what will be our sail locker between bulkheads 2&3. Also known as, The Hull of Fame. 😉 We get the ok from our designer and engineer that we can switch around the webbing and the floor, which will give us just a bit more room in there for storage.

Next, we finally tackle the task of reinforcing the area behind the chainplates, which requires three sheets of unidirectional fiberglass, and two layers of 45/45 double biased. But now that it’s done, we can work on glassing the bulkheads to the hull side.

To throw a little excitement into our lives as well, we spend one afternoon hopping on The Marylander, where our friend Jason is captain. He shuttles us up the Severn River, were we have our first experience of catching crabs on a line. Fun to catch, and even more fun to eat!

We hope you enjoy!!

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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