CATAMARAN BUILD – We Define Our Engine Bed Space (MJ Sailing – Ep 206)

In order to give ourselves a larger engine bed and plenty of room to work, we’re eating into our storage space by moving the bulkhead forward.

We find ourselves doing more odd jobs lately, which only take a few minutes here and there, but always mean we’re moving forward to the next thing. One of the bigger projects we took on though was defining the space for our engine bed. With the specific bulkhead placements from Max Cruise, we had originally started planning out the space for our engine bed based on what was in the drawings. But because we’re still debating which direction we’re going with propulsion, and we want to allow ourselves as much room as possible in that space, we’ve decided to make it bigger!

Join us for this episode as we place in bulkhead 7 – and get a good feel for the space of where our engines will go. And with Matt inside the area, you can also get a feel for how large the sleeping space will be in the aft bunk.

Plus, a little fun in real time (October 6) we went sailing with our friends Rodger and Sally on their boat out in the Chesapeake, and even had the chance to see Coast Guard Cutter ‘Eagle’ come in and drop the hook in front of us.


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