BOAT FAIRING – Him Vs Her!! (MJ Sailing Catamaran Build – Ep 227)

Matt and I each tackle a fairing job in our catamaran, but in very different ways.

For the ‘Him’ portion, Matt picks up a project we started back in the fall, of working on our water tanks. We’ve built them ourselves because they’ll be stronger and lighter than plastic, but we need to go through steps of preparing them to hold water, which means using Total Boat’s epoxy fairing compound. This fairing compound will stick better, which is very important when it is the container for our potable water.

Down below deck, I’m ‘beginning finishes’ by using Total Boat’s polyester fairing compound. There’s been a few test rounds in our forward bunk, but in this video I’ll be focusing in on our master vanity, and what it takes to blend down the edges of the fiberglass and start getting the first rounds of fairing compound on.

We hope you enjoy!!

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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