BIGGEST MISTAKES We’ve Made So Far – Months of Fixing (MJ Sailing – Ep 226)

We’ve made lots of mistakes on our build so far. Some easy to fix and others will take weeks.

Over the past few months we’ve gotten so many comments on how we always seem to know what we’re doing, and how did this come about as we’re not professional boat builders? Well, the truth is that we make mistakes too. A lot of little ones that are easy to fix, but some of them are going to set us back weeks and weeks of fixing.

Sit down in your favorite armchair and relax as we tell you about the biggest mistakes we’ve made so far on this build, what it’s going to take to fix them, and the time we’ll need to spend doing each one.

We hope you enjoy!!

Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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