CATAMARAN BUILD – Glossing Up Our Interior (MJ Sailing – Ep 209)

Let’s start distracting from that green foam, by adding shiny molded pieces to the build.

After last week’s boat show feature, we’re now jumping back in a time a few weeks to late September, where Matt and I begin the first step of what is going to help us get our transom on. By bonding in our sill, which separates the cockpit from the salon, we add a lot of strength to the bridge deck and really set it in place. There’s a few steps needed to strengthen it before it goes down, but when that time does come, we have new help!!

Our new friend Ryan, and his friend Burt, managed to schedule two weeks to come out and help us with the build. Our main goal during their time with us was to get the 25ft wide transom bonded on, but as you’ll see over the next few episodes, there’s just a few steps we need to take before we get there.


Much love from Annapolis!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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