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Photo Caption Day: Final 2 Days of the Georgetown Family Regatta

Saturday April 26, 2014


There’s actually been so much that has been going on for the past few days that I don’t know if I can write about it all.  Last night our group of six headed into town again and got a little silly on Ass Bush Crack as we talked with more of the racers and watched performers up on the temporary stage.  We lived it up and made quite a late night of it.

Today was made up of  multiple trips in to make sure to get a front row seat (which ended up constantly shifting) for watching the high school marching band, and then even better, the police marching band. While playing some Pharrell, these men were able to get down and low.  We finished out the evening at Regatta Point to catch the end of the final Class-A race before going back to the boat to eat a quick dinner and make it back to town in time for the Awards Ceremony.  These past few days here in Georgetown have been absolutely amazing, and I’m so glad we rushed our butts down to get here in time to see our friends and enjoy the regatta.



4.26.14 (1)

4.26.14 (2)

4.26.14 (3)

4.26.14 (4)

Drena and JR enjoying some Ass Bush Crack.

4.26.14 (5)

Handmade bikini fashion show.  Is it creepy I was the only one snapping photos?

4.26.14 (6)

‘All Gold Every-thing’.  I’m glad Drena explained that one to me.

4.26.14 (7)

 What are you giving a thumbs down to, Emil?  Is it my bad jokes?



4.26.14 (8)

4.26.14 (9)

Straddling the boom for a better view.  I got a few strange looks.

4.26.14 (10)

4.26.14 (11)

My highly photoshopped photo.  I love it.

4.26.14 (12)

4.26.14 (13)

Regular afternoon storm rolling in.

4.26.14 (14)

(Powered by Coca-Cola)

Think I can get a shirt for Matt that says this?

4.26.14 (15)

The high school marching band was great, although the dancers did have a few moves that were fit for a rap video.

4.26.14 (16)

(police marching band)

You might not know it from this photo, but these men had moves!

4.26.14 (17)

 Can you tell they’re just a little into these races?

4.26.14 (18)

4.26.14 (19)

 It was a tight squeeze at the finish line.  Races complete!

4.26.14 (20)

 Perfect shot of the six of us.  Thanks Drena!

(Photo courtesy of Sailing Journey)



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