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Gator Bait & My 1 Day of Employment

It’s been another 10 days and we have a new story for you!  In our most recent episode I find a few alligators in different areas of the marina, and discuss my new love for jumping spiders.  Have you seen how adorable those things are?  We also get to take a look at our new cherry staircase, which is not only a big improvement from our original set, but a vast improvement over our temporary set.  Spoiler alert, these stairs were built special with Georgie in mind.

I also find employment for the length of 5-6 hours before being let go.  It’s ok, it took me being gone from our boat for a day for Matt to realize how much he needs and likes having me there all the time.  I do tend to have just a little more free time on my hands these days though as I finally finished the project of making cushions in the forward salon!  Wow, what a difference it makes to that area.  Now we finally have one section that really feels like home.


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