Red Sky In Morning, Sailors Take Warning (MJ Sailing – EP 92)

Volcanic craters, hurricanes barreling down, and a bumpy ride with the most beautiful sunset we have ever seen. THIS…was an interesting few weeks for us.

We start out by trying to spend a few nice days at anchor next to a simply stunning sunken volcano. We wake up the morning after arriving, ready to explore…only to find out there is a hurricane barreling down on us. With 7 days until it hits, we have to decide what to do…and fast!

Back in Ponta Delgada we had given a detailed account about the approaching storm and our plans….but a few weeks later when we went back to review the footage we found out there was corrosion to our 3.5mm jack…and we lost sound! (You’ll see. And let this be a lesson to check new footage IMMEDIATELY.)

When it is time to leave Ponta Delgada we head out in the afternoon and have a wonderful downwind sail, although conditions build overnight and lead to a rolly morning. Thunderstorms surround us, BUT all that cloud cover leads to one of the most beautiful sunrises we have ever experienced.

Much love from the Azores!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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Matt & Jessica

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