Ṣo Miguel AZORES РAn Island You Will NEVER Forget (MJ Sailing РEP 90)

You may have seen dozens of photos of this island online, but what it is like to experience it in person?

This week we make the 95 mile sail from Terceria to Sao Miguel. Leaving in the afternoon we plan for an overnight sail, which will have us arriving first thing in the morning. And having been to this island before, we found it quite forgettable. It may have been the constant gray skies and rain, but we didn’t care for it too much our first time around.

Since then there had been a social media boom showcasing all the highlights this ‘Green Island’ had to offer. So hopping on Yellow Bus Tours for two days, we thought we’d give in another shot. And we are not lying when we say this place has now jumped straight to the top of our favorite places in the world.

From quaint towns, to hot springs; lush green forest and crater lakes; many of the places we visited felt as if they had been staged for a movie or pulled from a fairy tale. Settle back as we take you on a tour of this unforgettable island nestled in the Atlantic Ocean.

Much love from the Azores!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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