What is it Going to COST to BUILD a Kit CATAMARAN? – A Comprehensive Guide (MJ Sailing)

The big question on everyone’s mind is … what is it going to COST us to build this new catamaran?

Matt has spent the past few weeks talking to the designers at Schionning and Oram, as well as professional and ameture builders to gather as much information as possible on the costs that go into building a kit catamaran. Things can obviously vary from builder to builder, but taking a simple and basic approach, we’ve narrowed down the numbers on what we estimate it will cost to build an Oram 45R.

To take a look at the full design specs, take a look here: https://www.boboramdesign.com/45r

For a quick look at the numbers, check our website:

For a download of the spreadsheet, click here:

After discussing previous builds with the many others who’ve come before us, we found out there is one small thing that can skyrocket a budget – and that is making customizations after you’ve started the build. But, if you start with good plans and commit yourself to them, it is very feesable to stick to your original budget.

Sending the above spreadsheet to both designers and builders, and asking if they were realistic figures, they all came back stating that we’ve covered all aspects and should be able to complete the project within the budget we have listed. And that, is music to our ears!!

Since this is a very long video because we have tried to keep it as detailed as possible, here is an outline of subjects covered if you’d like to bounce through to the areas that interest you:

0:00:00 – Intro by Jessica
0:03:50 – Intro by Matt
0:15:32 – Intro To Budget
0:16:30 – Costs relating to Kit
0:21:45 – Total cost of Kit shipped to the US
0:24:23 – Costs relating to Building Supplies
0:32:10 – Total costs of Building Supplies
0:32:53 – Total cost of First Year of Build (getting to paint stage)
0:35:41 – Costs relating to Paint
0:39:05 – Costs relating to Sailing (rig, sails and deck hardware)
0:45:17 – Total costs of Sailing
45:38 – Costs relating to Engines
0:50:42 – Costs relating to Steering
0:52:32 – Costs relating to Electrical System
1:00:50 – Total costs of Electrical System
1:01:07 – Costs relating to Achor (anchor, chain/rope, windlass, docking gear)
1:04:05 – Costs relating to Lights
1:07:17 – Costs relating to Galley
1:12:07 – Costs relating to Exterior
1:16:53 – Costs relating to Interior
1:17:45 – Costs relating to Heads
1:19:12 – Costs relating to Electronics
1:26:40 – Closing by Jessica


Much love from England!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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