50 KNOTS in the Forecast!! You’ll Want to be Behind a Lock for This!! (MJ Sailing – Ep. 146)

We get ourselves settled into Sutton Harbour just in time for some very bad weather to blow through.

Finishing up our last few miles after having just sailed to Plymouth from Waterford, Ireland – we up anchor at sunrise to pull into our winter home at Sutton Harbour Marina. While checking in at the office we run into Dan of Sailing Uma, and although he invited us over for coffee, by the time we’d taken our showers and walked over they were just heading out to take care of some business.

Luckily we have a few nice and sunny days where I’m able to give a tour of our home for the winter, because just after that, the seasonal storms set in. On a particular day when the winds were forecast to gust to 50 knots, and waves rolling into the harbour were said to be 5 meters, we grabbed our cameras to go check it out. We found the inner harbour wasn’t nearly as bad as the reports said it would be, but after looking at all the bucking boats in Queen Anne’s Battery Marina, we were very happy to be safely tucked behind a lock.

Just after Christmas we met up with the marketing director of Sutton Harbour, Claire, and her partner James. They took the three of us on a wonderful ride out of town where we were able to experience Dartmoor National Park, and then take in a beverage and clotted cream at the Two Bridges Hotel.

A great introduction to the Plymouth and Sutton Harbour area, and we know we could not have chosen a better spot to winter over with Elements.


Much love from England!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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