Northern Sailing in DECEMBER!! – Ireland to England (MJ Sailing – Ep 145)

After waiting weeks for 48 hours of steady weather, we’re now able to make the sail from Ireland to England!

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After we left the Dublin area, we spent the end of November hanging out in Waterford waiting for just two days of decent weather together for us to make the last leg of our trip to England. And at the very beginning of December, we found it!

It was a compromise though, since to keep ourselves from being in heavy weather, we’d get one good day of sailing in, but the rest would be motoring. Not always a bad thing though, as our arrival to England was met with clear blue skies, flat calm waters, and even dolphins!

Dropping the anchor in Plymouth Harbour just after 1 am on our second night out, we’re now just inches away from our winter berth.


Much love from England!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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