Submerged in Frigid Waters!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 144)

We get a fishing pot wrapped around our rudder in the Irish Sea….and Matt has to get in frigid waters to free us!

In this week’s episode we travel from Bangor, Northern Ireland, to Dublin. Along the way, we wrap a fishing pot around our rudder, and Matt has to get in frigid waters to free us. Thankfully it was just a few quick dunks in the Irish Sea and we’re on our way again.

In the Dublin area, we use one of our days to tour the Guinness Storehouse, amazed at how well everything is laid out. We even get the VIP treatment with two round of beer at the end of our tour…and even get our portraits sprayed on the second round with malted barley.

Wrapping things up we take a walk about Dún Laoghaire, where the boat is, and its famous 40 Foot Hole; as well as the historical town of Dalkey, and the castles which used to serve as storage for unloading cargo in the harbour of Dublin.

This was another episode I had so much fun reliving while I edited, and we hope you enjoy it as well!


Much love from Scotland!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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