Escaping to Tenerife for SUN – & CARNIVAL!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 147)

Since we needed to leave the UK to re-set our Visas, we couldn’t think of a better place to escape to than the Canary Islands!

With round trip flights at only $130, and a very low cost of living, we knew this Spanish territory would be the perfect place to get away for a few weeks in the middle of winter.

Getting ourselves settled on the southern part of the island for our stay, we use our rental car to venture north to the Anaga Rural Park. Filled with the Macizo Mountain Range, this part of the island offers some amazing hikes through laurel forest, and the greenery we were looking for was here in abundance.

Since we were just a short drive from the capital of Santa Cruz at this point, after our hike we ‘popped in’ to attend the opening of their yearly Carnival celebrations. We’d never been to one before and had no idea what to expect…but we were blown away by what we found. We only wish we could have enjoyed it for more than one night!!


Much love from Tenerife!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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