Swimming under ORANGE SKIES? – A Sandstorm Hits the Canaries!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 148)

Activities in the Canary Islands are completely put on hold when a HUGE Sandstorm blows in from the Sahara!!

We have so many plans with our last few days in Tenerife, although they do get shaken up a little bit just before we head back to England.

Taking another trip up to the northern part of the island, we check out it’s famous auditorium, with a roof in the shape of a crashing wave. Although beaches were of course a big reason for coming to this island, so we show you one of our favorite spots, as well as check out the famous Los Gigantes.

But, just as we had beaches out of our system and were ready to head up Mount Teide and take in its great views, a sandstorm hits the Canaries. And not just a light little dusting, but the worst one they’d seen in 40 years!!

Thankfully it only had us stuck inside for one full day, and our very last day on Tenerife we were able to get up the volcanic peak. A very great trip for sure, but it also made us extremely excited to get back to the boat and begin planning out our next season of travel.


Much love from Tenerife!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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