Scouting Performance Catamarans – A Tour of Dazcat Multihull Center (MJ Sailing – Ep 149)

After arriving back to Elements after being away, it was time to begin thinking more seriously about a catamaran in our future. And not something off a production line, but something a little more on the performance end and tailored to our needs.

While there are unfortunately not any Grainger, Schionning, or Oram boats nearby for us to look at, we had the next best thing…Dazcat Multihull Center! A boatyard in a quiet town in Cornwall, not too far from us, and we were extended an invitation to come visit.

Take a look with us while we explore these catamarans which are built for speed, and even built for special needs!


Much love from England!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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