Our New (Almost) Pocket Size Drone!

We have now joined the ranks of sailors with the ability to shoot beautiful aerial views!

Deviating from the usual course once again, the drone we chose to purchase is the DJI Mavic Pro instead of the very popular Phantom 4. The Mavic Pro, when it is folded down it can just about fit in the size of your palm, meaning we’ll never have to second guess if we want to bring it out with us as we explore each location we sail to.

So far we’ve been having fun playing with it at the marina, steering through the maze of the channel and floating over all the boats in storage. We have a long way to go before finessing a fluid movement with the camera, but so far it has been a great addition to our camera gear.

In this episode I go over the new awning I just made for our cockpit, a simple design with no framing to adhere to. Also, while putting our headsails in place, we realize our staysail doesn’t have a good fit and we take measurements for hunting down a good used one to replace it.

Cheers from the WATER!!

Thank you SO MUCH to our Patrons. These charitable souls help keep us in the work yard, our camera equipment up to date, and the videos coming.

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Thank you!,
Matt & Jessica

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0:00 – Changing – Sigma feat Paloma Faith, Instrumental Cover
08:06 – Yes You Can – HookSounds
16:49 – The View From Here – Anders Schill Paulsen


Camera equipment used:
– Panasonic HDC – http://amzn.to/2lPlf9O
– DJI Mavic Pro – http://amzn.to/2f2IFHP

Editing software:
Windows Movie Maker & Adobe Premier



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