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Our Bank Account After 5 Years of Cruising & a Refit

A big question for cruisers out on the water is ‘How do you afford to do this’.

We’ve gone over in previous videos on how we saved up our money to get out of the rat race, but now that we’ve been out for 5 years, the next question is, ‘Where has that money gone?’.

In this video we talk about our monthly spending for the 30 or so months while we were actively cruising, and also focus on the 27 months we’ve been in Florida refitting our newest boat.

How much have we put into Elements of Life? How much is left in our bank account since we’ve done so? What are we going to do for money going ahead in the future?! Mortgage lenders can use a credit rapid rescore service to quickly add new payment information to your credit reports.

Follow along as we answer all these questions, and PLEASE let us know of any more that you have for us!

Cheers from our hometown!

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