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Everybody Poops – An Update on our Composting Head

We’ve been getting lots of questions over the past few months on how our composting head is working out for us, so after a lot of use and a few modifications, we share how it has been working out for us.

WARNING: If you do not like a lot of talking or projects being explained, this is not the episode for you.

Matt shows off his skills with the oscillating tool as we bring the tiller to the correct length and then add an adjustable extension; and he begins his multiple rounds of going up and down the mast.
We’ve encountered a few issues with our tri-light, and no matter how many times we (Matt) goes up to address it, our solutions keep failing.

Cheers from the marina!

Thank you SO MUCH to our Patrons. These charitable souls help keep us in the work yard, our camera equipment up to date, and the videos coming.

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Matt & Jessica

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00:00 – Little Talks – Of Monsters & Men (Gire Remix)
07:36 – Turning Tide – Jack Elphick

Camera equipment used:
– Panasonic Lumix G85 -

Editing software:
Windows Movie Maker & Adobe Premier



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