Matt with swinging security door

Letting Air In & Keeping Thieves Out – Hopefully

Good airflow in a boat is very important. But then again, so is keeping people out while you’re away, and in some areas, while you’re sleeping at night.

Almost from day one our rebuild, we knew the current companionway door situation was not ideal, and we wanted to make an option where we had some sort of swinging door for easy access to get in and out.

With the clock running out just before we make our departure now, Matt put together a solution which is so far working out very well. Follow from start to finish as he tackles what has been quite a time consuming project for him. I also pop in for just a minute to show off the cockpit shades I made to keep us protected from the sun!


Cheers from the marina!

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00:00 – Changes – Instrumental

Camera equipment used:
– Panasonic Lumix G85 –

Editing software:
Windows Movie Maker & Adobe Premier



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