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Fun with Sacrificial Sail Covers

We should know by now that some jobs are easier and cheaper in the long run, just to hire out. I wish I knew that about our sacrificial sail cover.

The area of Sunbrella which runs along the foot and leach of our head sails are getting switched out from Pacific Blue, to Cadet Gray so they blend in better with our new color scheme. After a few weeks I’ve ripped off the old material, traced it onto the new, and have mostly pinned and tacked it into place to be sewn.

Another week or so goes by, and it’s finally finished, making our boat match again instead of looking like an elementary school’s color scheme.

Matt also gets a dose of ‘why is this project taking so long’ as he goes to finish our maple hardwood floors with epoxy, only to find out his initial ratio was off and the compound never full dried.

Cheers from the marina!

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