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A Tour of the Boat Graveyard

It’s almost time to get out of Indiantown! We’re within our last week or so here, and we have a lot to accomplish in a little bit of time!

Between projects such as clearing out our storage unit of all our belongings and *finally* trashing all my dirty work clothes, I take one last tour of the boat graveyard and say goodbye to the run down boats I’ve come to love so much.

We also give ourselves a new place to sit in the pilot house by cutting the foam for cushions in there…but the big news is…we’re getting a new headsail! We’ve partnered with Precision Sails out of Vancouver B.C., and over the next few episodes we’ll be going through the process to get our quote, run over the options we have available, have a consultation with the sail designer, and get our new sail in the works. We’re incredibly excited to put the kind of sails on Elements that she deserves with her new life!

Precision Sails:

Cheers from the marina!

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