What Does It Take To BUILD YOUR OWN CATAMARAN? – MJ Sailing

We have plans to build our own catamaran. And we’re going to take you through the process on how it’s done!

Using a Schionning 1200 as an example, we walk you through the steps of what it would take from the time you receive your shipping container full of components, to when your new boat is launched in the water.

From finding and building a work space, to setting up the first panels, Matt will tell you each step that is involved, and what we estimate to be the time spent on each process.

We expect this build to take approximately two years for us to complete, and will be done in the US, although we have not decided exactly where yet. Make sure to stay tuned for the next set of videos in our build series, where we will go over the three designers we are looking at: Grainger, Schionning, and Oram; in more detail.

Christian’s website of his Schionning 1200 – WILD THING:


Much love from England!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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