Sailing at 11 KNOTS OF SPEED In 4 Knots of Wind! (MJ Sailing – Ep 143)

Thanks to some hefty currents pushing us along, we catch the ride of a life, sailing along at 11 knots in glass calm conditions. Leaving the Sound of Jura, we tried to make a pass through some tricky areas at slack tide, only to find out we’d timed ourselves wrong. Luckily the current was behind us and in the end we had a wonderful case of being pushed along like a rocket in just a breath of wind.

Our sail leads us to Bangor Marina in Northern Ireland, which we found a beautiful town with great coastal paths for walking. Also wanting to explore Belfast though, we hopped the train into the big city where we spent the day exploring the Titanic Quarter, Botanical Gardens and museum of natural history.


Much love from Scotland!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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