This Starts the End of Our Cruising Season (MJ Sailing – EP 142)

After leaving one of the best anchorages we’ve ever spent time in, we need to seriously think about making the trip to our winter berth in Plymouth.

Sailing out of the Sound of Mull and back into the Firth of Lorne, we’re now back into the same cruising grounds we entered Scotland on in the spring. We pop into the town of Oban to get some errands done, which had been building up over the past few weeks. But because they have a 3 night max stay, it’s not long before we’re back at anchor.

Tucked into a calm and very secluded spot just a few miles away, we enjoy more breathtaking scenery and our last nights at anchor before it’s time to make our way down the Irish Sea.


Much love from Scotland!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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