The Swells Are TOO BIG – Get Me OFF This BOAT!! (MJ Sailing – Ep. 162)

While in the Helford River, we knew that we were getting Elements scheduled for a survey in Falmouth, and if she sold, this would be our last time out fully enjoying the cruising life. No schedules, just bumming around with friends, and sitting around enjoying sunsets.

We take a stunning hike ashore in the afternoon where everything is SO GREEN that it almost feels unreal. When we get back to Elements, there are some bad swells rolling in due to the exposed nature of the anchorage, and so we happily take a few hours to get off the boat by having a bonfire ashore with our new friends on Polaris.

Going from glass calm our first night to rocking and rolling all over 48 hours later, I don’t think it’s the kind of tranquility either of us were expecting when we first arrived!

Much love from Cornwall!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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