THEY DRAGGED INTO US!! (MJ Sailing – EP 161)

There’s a heavy North Atlantic storm blowing over us, and our neighbor’s anchor chain wrapped right around ours!

We prepare ourselves for a restless night as we know a bad storm with sustained winds in the mid 30’s and above will be blowing over us. But just as it’s getting started, (around midnight, as always) we hear a bump-bump and realize our neighbor has dragged into us! They managed to get off without issue, but a few hours later a pan pan is put out and St. Mary’s rescue boat heads into our anchorage to assist another boat in need.

36 hours later, after the storm has passed, it’s time to head back to the mainland. We get the anchor up just after dawn, and leaving in some very sloppy seas, make our way to the Falmouth area. The start may have been a little rough, but the sights greeting us when we arrived are nothing short of heavenly.

We hope you enjoy!

Much love from the Isles of Scilly!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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