YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF THIS CATAMARAN – But It’s Our Newest Contender – The Max Cruise 42 -MJ Sailing

There’s a brand new catamaran design being launched, and we’ve just added to our list of contenders. The Max 42 by Max Cruise Marine.

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Our goal is to spend the next two years building the perfect catamaran for ourselves. Originally we had narrowed it down to the Oram 45R; the Grainger Raku 44; and the Schionning Arrow 1360. But along the way we began talking to another company which is coming out with a brand new catamaran design. Unlike the other choices, which are foam core flat panel kits, the Max 42 is comprised of 3 dimensional modules. The exterior will arrive to us with a gel coat finish, which means we wouldn’t need to spend nearly 10 months of our time sanding and faring ourselves, preparing it for paint.

We think there are a lot of great options with the Max 42, and it easily made its way into our list of contenders of build we be starting this year. Just make sure to stay tuned in the next few weeks when it goes in a head to head battle with the Schionning Arrow 1360, and we pick a winner!

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