The Proper Way To Use A Mooring (MJ Sailing – EP 98)

Sometimes there are technical purposes for items, and other times they just need to be used for fun. For bonus clips, support our channel on Patreon:

This marks the half way point of our charter on an Island Spirit Catamaran, and we are still having the time of our lives!!

After running the boat back to the base to switch it out (same version, just an older one with no working autopilot), we head in to the port of Bang Bao to do more provisioning and check out this little town known for its seafood. The restaurants have plenty of fresh catches to eat, but we’re still a little unsure of what a few of them are.

The next day we find ourselves back at Koh Mak and hunt down more mini marts as we’re still out of fresh meat. Along the way we find rubber tree farms, spiders as big as your hand, and a mooring on the beach that we have a little fun with.

Now that we’re stocked up we make our way to the island of Koh Rang, which is a national park. There isn’t anything ashore, so you need to take everything you’ll be using for your stay. But with some of the best snorkeling in the area, we know we’ll be in for a good time.

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