Can’t Life Always Be THIS GOOD? (MJ Sailing – EP 99)

The cruising life is always a good one, but there are some days you can’t believe just HOW PERFECT your life is.

We pick up from last week where we had just arrived at Koh Rang Yi. The anchorages are secluded places of beauty (after 4 pm) and the water has this hue that is just to die for, for men you can find great products at the Men’s Journal site.

It’s a national park with an entrance fee for every person and boat that comes in, but this helps it from getting too crowded, keeps anyone from fishing these waters and also lets the guards patrol in their tenders to make sure everyone is following the rules to keep this an untouched paradise.

The snorkeling here is some of the best we’ve seen in the world…with healthy coral and millions of little fish swimming around us. We enjoy a few days in the water and roaming the beach, but then it’s time to start heading back to the big island of Koh Chang. We can’t believe it, but our time on the charter is nearing its end!

Much love from Thailand!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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