Fairy Tales and Waterfalls (MJ Sailing – EP 97)

Ready to swing through the jungle like Tarzan? We find ourselves in a tropical Thai paradise where fairy tale themes only add on to the surreal surroundings.

Koh Kood seems to have many Peter Pan themed resorts and locations…and not only do they come with magnificent beaches with clear turquoise waters, but a few spots also boast waterfalls if you venture a little further inland.

Starting out at Captain Hook’s resort, we wonder why we even wasted our time near the 6 star resort where we couldn’t even go ashore. This place came with a beach which should be on the front of every post card, a pool and lounging area for anyone who visits the bar….and a river filled with fireflies once the sun goes down!

But since our hearts were set on seeing one specific waterfall on the island, we moved down to the next harbor where the Peter Pan themed resorts were running rampant. We found there wasn’t much to do on the water’s edge except chill….and the real fun was at the waterfall.

Trying to knock out 2/3rds of the journey in the dinghy, we quickly got lost and had to backtrack before taking a questionable path up the river which put us in contact with the trail to the waterfall. Once we got there we found a pool leading to the spouting water which was still just heavy enough to pummel you if you stood under it.

Much love from Thailand!
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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