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Wednesday September 3, 2014


It looks as if our time here in Horta is finally winding down to an end. Tomorrow we’ll be setting sail again after enjoying four wonderful weeks on land in what has been by far one of the most beautiful islands/countries we’ve ever visited.

To get you up to date on what is finally pushing us out of here, it turns out we will not be getting the aluminum boat in Rhode Island so there is no longer any reason to have to be constantly connected to the internet. The current owner came back stating that the price will not be lowered any further to make up for the corrosion to the stern tube and although we spent a few days hemming and hawing on if we still want to purchase it with the added costs to have this area welded, we decided it’s not for us and we’re walking away. So it looks like Europe is still on the table for us at the moment, although we’ve now just wasted two weeks and one perfect weather window to try and get ourselves to Gibraltar. Fall weather patterns are quickly settling in and it seems like we can’t go three days in the forecast without 30 knot winds popping up somewhere. Not ideal for a 1,200 mile passage that will probably take us about two weeks to complete.

Because something really nasty is showing at the beginning of next week but we would like to gain any miles we can, we’ll be making a 150 nm jump over to the island of Sao Miguel, the capital of the Azores and one of the furthest east lying islands. In a way I’m kind of happy that things are working out for us and giving us an opportunity to see more than just one of the seven islands here. We had been talking about making a move over to Terceria for awhile, it’s supposed to be beautiful and have a still known anchorage, which we would love, but our guidebook tells us we can only check out of the Azores from Flores, Faial, or Sao Miguel, and we didn’t want to have to force in yet another island just to check out should a preferable window come up to get us the rest of the way to the Med.

I’ve been reading up on Sao Miguel and Ponta Delgada, the port we’ll be visiting, for the past few days and it looks like it should have a lot to offer us. Including a McDonald’s. Don’t hate me..we haven’t had it in three months now. I’d say that’s pretty good for us. Besides Sea Week or our day with the scooter, there haven’t been many big exciting things happening here in Horta, just lots of small perfect parts to the day that never made it in the blog. Sometimes wandering the streets just to get lost, or taking Georgie to the park to find out the only place she wanted to be was back on the boat. To give you a little insight on what we’ve been up to the past few weeks, here’s some random shots of the town that is truly worth crossing an ocean for. Let’s hope Europe will be just as spectacular.

9.3.14 (2)

9.3.14 (3)

9.3.14 (4)

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