Picnic in the Park

Monday September 1, 2014

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Being stuck here is finally starting to get to me. I feel like I’m losing whole days to the internet as we sit on the boat and do nothing else, maybe popping over to the Continente for fresh rolls or Coke every few days, but sometimes that’s all the excitement we’re getting. Whole days are lost to tooling around on the internet just because it’s there. We keep saying that we’re going to get up and do something, one of these days, but by the time we’ve had our morning coffee and fully woken up it’s already time for lunch and our plans, if any have been made, get pushed back to the next day.

I partially blame this on the fact that we have no idea when we’re going to get out of here so it always feels like there will be a tomorrow to push those plans back to. The weather to get out of here isn’t quite agreeing with us, and even if it was, the prospect that we have to be within 24 hours of an internet signal had been holding us back for quite some time too. Not that we’re that reliant on the internet that we can’t get away from it, but with the back and forth of trying to buy this boat in Rhode Island, we need to be in a place where we can quickly take care of business when it’s ready to move forward.

The latest news update on this is that once a disclosure agreement was released from the owner we found out there was corrosion to the stern tube. Not necessarily a deal breaker in itself, I mean this is a fantastic boat so there’s not much that’s going to dissuade us from getting it….except the added cost of now fixing this corrosion. We’re already at the top of our limit trying to buy it and the added cost of fixing it might just tip it over the edge. We’re trying to work with the owner to bring down the cost because of this issue, and we’re waiting to hear back.

Which leaves us…still sitting at the dock. This is making me very very bored. I’ve begun taking walks every few days, even just different routes to the grocery store (getting myself completely lost and having to turn around and start back at the beginning) just so I can try to see something a little different. One one of these little walks last week I found a beautiful park at the top of a hill that overlooks the bay and Pico. This morning when I woke up I couldn’t stand to face another day of only staring at my computer screen and pretty much told Matt we were going on a picnic that afternoon. No vote optional, it was going to happen. Luckily for me he’s pretty chill when I make plans for us, especially if they’re free, and was just as excited to get off the boat as I was.

I have to say, as long as we’re stuck here anyway, this isn’t a bad way to while away the time.

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