It’s Time To Rebuild the Watermaker!! – (MJ Sailing – Ep 103)

We’ve been without a working watermaker for just about a year now….so it’s time to get it repaired!

Matt takes apart our HRO Seafari watermaker and replaces all the seals since we assume this is what had kept it from working just before our Atlantic crossing. After a little trouble with getting the parts shipped out to the Azores, it only takes one afternoon of work to get things ship shape again.

In our attempt to keep the boat work moving along, we’re stuck when bad weather brings days of torrential rain. But luckily for us, new friends Herbbie and Maddie (the Rigging Doctors) have a car and they swing by to take us out to lunch. We stop at the local Quintas Dos Acores and enjoy some burgers and ice cream sourced locally from all the cows on the island.

When things clear up we’re able to get back to work, focusing on the vinyl for our dodger. After tracing a template and cutting our Strataglass, we spend days trying to get just the right curve as it bends around the side of the boat. There are a few days of attaching it to the zippers, finding it’s not right, and then taking it apart and doing it again. But eventually we get all the pieces in place and now the next step is to work on the canvas which will cover our zippers on the top and bottom.

Much love from The Azores!

Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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